Dr Tedros, koronavirüs vakalarında bir zirveden bahsediyor – 22 Haziran 2020

It seems that almost every day we reach a new & grim record of COVID-19 cases: -Over 183k new cases were reported on 21 June 2020
-Over 8.8 million cases have now been reported globally & almost half a million people have lost their lives. We continue to urge all countries to double down on the fundamental public health measures that we know work: 1. Finding and testing suspected COVID-19 cases
2. Isolating and caring for the sick
3. Tracing and quarantining contacts
4. Protecting healthworkers At the same time, COVID-19 public health measures can only be effective if each and every individual takes the measures that we also know work to protect themselves and others: 1. Maintain physical distance
2. Continue cleaning your hands
3. Wear a mask where appropriate Watch the whole press conference of 22 June 2020 here:

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